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Perfect Match Dating Reviews and Complaints

Perfect Match believes that the key to creating good matches is helping people create a profile that expresses who they really are. Together with Perfect Match’s experienced staff, the dating site helps members to produce a profile that represents their personality, values, lifestyle and preferences, allowing them to find a like-minded person with whom to create a lasting relationship.

Ted from Burlington shares some of his reviews of the program. “This was my third Internet dating experience. The first two were frustrating and disappointing. When I first spoke to one of the matchmaking staff members at Perfect Match, she asked to review my profile from my other site. As soon as she looked at it she said “well, if I was looking at that profile, I wouldn’t want to date you either!” She then proceeded to help me build a profile that better expressed who I am and presented it in a way that was more appealing. Needless to say, things have changed considerably.”

Ellen from Queens could never understand why dating sites didn’t work for her. “I live in the largest city in the world and was spending my Saturday nights at home in front of the television. When even my mother told me that she was tired of hearing my complaints. I joined Perfect Match and almost immediately found a guy who lives nearby. We talked on the phone for several weeks before meeting, but in the end, that was the end of my Saturday nights at home.”

Tricia from Berkeley moved to Perfect Match from another dating program. “The guys who I was meeting were just not my type. I’d review their profile, think “ah-ha!” and then....we’d meet and it would be a disaster. Perfect Match staff helped me rethink how I was reading these guys’ profiles which allowed me to refine my search.”

William from Tulsa had one complaint, which he shared with the Perfect Match staff. “There weren’t enough women listed in my area, which limited my dating opportunities. The staff member that I spoke to was pretty blunt -- start a long-distance relationship. So I did, found a great lady in Portland, and we “dated” online for several months. Then we met and, turns out, moving to Portland was what I wanted to do all along....I just didn’t know it!”

Mandy from Dallas was looking for someone who shared her religious beliefs. “In Texas, most people, it seems, are Baptist or Methodist but I’m a pretty religious Catholic and finding someone who shared my faith was important. Perfect Match helped me tweek my profile in a way that emphasized what was important to me. Now I’ve been able to date guys who meet that criteria. Perfect Mate showed me how to refine my search from the start.”