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Kelleher International Dating Reviews and Complaints

Kelleher International is a family-owned matchmaking concern with offices located throughout the world including Los Angeles, Houston, Seattle, Scottsdale, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Boston and South Florida. Kelleher’s “detailed search system,” together with its 25 years of experience, allows the experienced staff members to locate appropriate matches for their members. Kelleher works with highly educated and professional singles and offers a special CEO Premium package which relates to specialized dating searches.

Chris in Las Vegas views Kelleher as the type of personalized matchmaking service that he was looking for. When he reviews his experiences over the past six months, he notes that “each date was appropriate to my expectations. The women shared my interests and goals and the dates were stimulating and enjoyable.”

Shari in San Francisco appreciates the Kelleher personalized service. “I wanted to review the different dating services available in the Bay Area before getting involved. Kelleher was the one that personalized my search and made an effort to insure that the guys that I met were on my level, both intellectually as well as their view of what they wanted out of a life partner.”

Brittany in Washington DC has found a serious relationship through Kelleher and writes “I doubt that I would have met Craig through any other service. Kelleher delivered on their promises and I have no complaints.”

Joanne of Beverley Hills voices one complaint that, she believes, Kelleher should examine. “I would like to see more minority members represented by Kelleher. I don’t believe that I have to limit my dating to men of my own ethnicity, but I do find that I have more in common with guys who share my background. It would be helpful to have more nationalities and ethnicities represented at Kelleher.”

Steve in La Jolla found Kelleher to be a positive service for social introductions. “I don’t have time to date simply to check someone out, but I’ve reached a point in my life when I want to settle down. I signed up for Kelleher’s CEO Club which took a big weight off of my shoulders. I met women who were very suitable to what I am looking for and have begun dating one of the women on a regular basis.”