How to Keep a White G-Shock Watch Clean

Keeping a White G-Shock Watch Clean

We all like Casio G-shock watches, as they are rugged, long lasting, and very easy to clean and to take care of. They are made to take long and intense wear and tear, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t clean them on a regular basis, to keep them in the best shape all the time.

In one phrase, if your G-shock is water resistant, you may rinse it in warm water and simply brush it, for removing all dirt. If not, it’s best to spot clean your G-shock with some water or rubbing alcohol, using some Q-tips to get rid of the buildup from small crevices.

What you need

A white G-Shock is more special because you’re trying to keep it look as clean as on the day it came out of the box for as long as you can.

The plastic resin of this type of watch does get dirty faster than other watches, even with regular use. You may notice how the grooves on the underside of the strap gather oils and grime, so the watch loses its white color in time. You want to clean very careful your white G-Shock as you want to also maintain its nice appearance, not to mention the functions also.

The list of things you need for cleaning includes paper towel, towel, cotton swab and isopropyl alcohol. You may also use a melamine foam cleaning sponge or a nail polish remover.

How to clean it

You should begin by placing your white G-Shock face down on a nice, soft towel, dropping some isopropyl alcohol onto the folded paper towel.

Cleaning a White G-Shock Watch

Use a slightly moistened paper towel and rub smoothly all the surfaces of your watch. You should do it until the towel turns dark and looks blackish. Now it’s a good time to get a new paper towel and keep on cleaning your white watch, wiping it down entirely.

Splash a couple of drops of the alcohol onto a cotton swab and get its tip into all the dark grooves or dirt you notice on your watch. Use the other end on the swab or get a new swab entirely when the one you’re using got dark and dirty.

Don’t stop now and soak a melamine foam sponge with some water, wiping down all the white plastic resin on the wristband. Do the same thing on the watch face as it’s part of your watch as well.

White G-Shock Watch Cleaning Process

Be meticulous and take a very good look at your watch to see if you did remove all the collected dirt. Sure enough, some stubborn spots and ink marks may need several cleaning sessions for the whole removal.

In case you also want to try the nail polish remover, you only need a single drop on a cotton swab for wiping down the areas that still have some marks on the white surface. Pay attention and avoid rubbing the nail polish remover on any painted area of your white G-Shock or its band as well. The risk for smudging the paint is quite high.

You may complete the cleaning by rinsing the watch with some cold running water. Let it dry entirely until you’re putting it back on, no matter how much you miss it on your wrist.

Some easy tricks

When your watch presents some really stubborn dirt, it’s more efficient to scrub the buildup, and not wipe it. You may dip a toothbrush (that you’re not gonna use anymore!) in some warm water or rubbing alcohol. Continue by shaking it a bit for removing all the excess liquid. Scrub smoothly, in circular motions, the bristles of the toothbrush right on the dirt or buildup on your white G-Shock. Always use soft and not stiff bristles for cleaning the stubborn dirt.

Don’t forget about the Q-tips to get into the crevices of your watch-dirt and buildup often appears in those cracks. Q-tips are great for the hard-reaching areas. You need to dip them in water or rubbing alcohol. Pay attention when you’re done as you should also pick out any fluff from the Q-tip that may remain on the edges of your G-Shock.

What about the scuffs?

Wearing your white G-Shock on regular basics may add some scuffs and markings. Even though it may sound surprising, you may remove them easily by using a common pencil eraser. Rub it carefully on the scuff more than once and wipe away the eraser dust when you’re done.

It’s always best to use a white eraser and not a pink one- after all; you do want to maintain the white color of your watch.

Keep in mind that scuffs aren’t the same thing as scratches. Scuffs are in fact a shallow skid marks on the surface of your white watch, whereas scratches go deeper than the surface of your watch.

Get a jeweler’s cloth for removing the minor scratches of your white G-Shock, rubbing smoothly for 30 seconds or so.